I had the opportunity recently to record a couple of videos In the beautiful gardens at Torre Abbey Museum in Torquay. It really is an incredibly special place. 

During our wedding ceremony at the Ancient Technology Centre in 2012 a blackbird flew into the Earth House and landed at Laura and my feet. It looked around, obviously surprised at the 120 people staring at it, chirped and then flew out of the side door. It was an extremely poignant moment.


After this I looked up the significance of the blackbird in folklore. It represents many things in different cultures, however those that I felt most drawn to are its symbolism as a herald of transition and transformation, a messenger of awakening and devotion to the spiritual path. It is also symbolic of life in the heavens and a path of higher knowledge.


Jump forward to August 2018. In my Mums last days with us I composed this piece of music for her and called it ‘Blackbird’ - It is not a sad piece, instead it is about celebrating love, life and living every moment, and it is about transition from one phase of life to another.


There will be a studio version of this track available to download soon, and with it I hope to raise some funds for the beautiful hospice that my mum stayed in - Macmillan Caring Locally in Christchurch. In the meantime please enjoy this video and if you like it please feel free to share it with others.


Huge gratitude to Torre Abbey Museum for allowing me to film at their beautiful site.


To Daryl Waldstadt Quinn - PanAmor and the team at PanAmor Handpans, of which I am so proud to be a part, for the lovely C# Ysha Savita handpan that I am playing in this video.


To Damian at Short Stop Video for his fantastic work creating this video.


And to all of my friends and family for their constant love and support.

There will be a second video in this series released in a couple of weeks so watch this space!

Older videos

I recorded this at my local beach, Goodrington, in South Devon. This is a brand new custom made PanAmor Sound sculpture, SalaDin10, made by Daryl Quinn with amazing hand etched mandala pattern by Marcia Moondala. I've only had this instrument a few weeks, but I find it utterly hypnotising to play. This is just a few minutes of improvising. I love its spicy Middle Eastern scale and deep, warm tones.

This is a short video that I made whilst in the studio recording my new EP, Tsuchi Dango. This is the actual take that we decided to use on the final recording. The final piece has 3 Taiko parts that were added as a last minute addition and were completely improvised.

I recorded this track on Boxing day 2016 in the conservatory. I first played it at Saltern Cove, a small beach near my home. It has a rather melancholic feel to it. It is no coincidence that I first played it on the 23rd June 2016.

This video marks the first time that I properly connected with this amazing instrument, an OMana handpan, from Ukraine. I was on holiday in Hayle, near St. Ives in Cornwall. I only realised at the end of playing that I had an audience.